PT. Denadi Mitra Propertindo or better known as Eagle Tree Property, was founded in 2012 in Jakarta. Founded by three property industry players who are joined because of the same vision and highly qualified experience background in the property world. The different specializations of each founder can be united to create synergy, making Eagle Tree Property a property company capable of providing One-Stop Property Solutions in the property sector. During its 10 years of development, Eagle Tree Property has had 5 branch offices located in South Tangerang and South Jakarta


As a company engaged in the property industry, Eagle Tree offers integrated solutions that make it easier for clients to acquire, sell, or manage their assets, whether in the form of lots, houses, apartments, shop houses, or other types of property.


Eagle Tree Property can provide integrated solutions in the property sector because Eagle Tree Property is a business unit of the Unity Group which operates from upstream to downstream in the property sector, as an Architect, Contractor Consultant and Developer